Static Websites

Perhaps all you really want is a small website to introduce your company but won’t really require much updating or editing. Yowie Websites can set you up with a hand coded static website or even just a page if that’s what you require. If you aren’t wanting to update or edit your website yourself, this may be the perfect solution for you.


Yowie Websites can set you up with WordPress if you so desire.There are a multitude of WordPress themes floating around and you are sure to find one which appeals to you and suits your purpose.If you find one you like but there are some things you are not so happy with, Yowie Websites can customize your WordPress theme more to your taste and requirements or we can build you a custom theme of your own! It’s up to you.


If you are looking for a website I would say that it’s a fairly safe bet that you are hoping to be found in the search engines, Google in particular. Yowie Websites will create your website with this in mind and submit your site to Google so in no time you will be popping up in searches, which of course, is what we aim for.

Website Maintenance

Website maintenance is offered as a service to clients of Yowie Websites. Perhaps you need regular updates and just don’t have the time. No problem! Email the information to me and I will have it up for you as per your request. Of course if you want to perform updates and maintenance yourself but are not comfortable wading around in code, there is always the option of a Content Management System. One of the most popular Content Management Systems is WordPress


Have some products you would like to sell online? Yowie Webs can set you up with an ECommerce store that meets your needs.Take a look at the store I have set up for Trojan Fibreglass Online

If you have any questions or you need something which isn't listed in here please contact me and we can talk :)