Why does your business need a website?

Customer support

marketing and communication.

Your website is a great tool for customer relations and care. Through your website you can inform, educate, service, market to and derive specific crucial information & insights from your customers and your internet audience in general e.g. through mailing campaigns, FAQ section, contact form and client satisfaction questionnaires. Get a blog and you can even entertain them.

Around the clock

You can be available 24/7

Not everyone works hours which allow them to go shopping or pay bills or go to the doctor ... or whatever.In fact, I'd hazard a guess that less people now than ever actually work regular hours, therefore it is an advantage to be at the customers' disposal around the clock. Sell products? Set up an online! Customers while you sleep.


your website is your face to the World

Remember the 4 billion plus internet users I mentioned earlier? This is your potential audience. That's a lot of people who know a lot of people.


a website adds value to your business

Did you know that the Bank Manager will often ask to see your website when you apply for a business loan? A good website is a valuable asset.

Cost reduction

automation can save you money

How much time do you waste answering enquiries which often eventuate to nothing? A FAQ on your website can reduce time consuming telephone calls allowing you or your staff more time to complete daily duties. In some cases this may even allow you to reduce staff numbers or hours meaning money in your pocket

Have you ever found yourself thinking this?

If I only had that website I was going to get a while back, I could have just sent this customer over there to get the information they need and saved them and myself a ton of time

Isn’t time money? Is it possible a website might actually save you money in the long run? Compared to the costs of other types of advertising, getting a website can be very inexpensive. How much is a half page ad in the newspaper? Probably a lot more for one month than it would cost you for hosting a website for a whole year, PLUS once that ad goes out there are no additions or changes to your ad at all … a website can be edited as you want it, when you want it AND if it is done right it is a lot easier to find than an ad in the paper...let me ask "how did you end up here, on my website?"

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